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Inspiration - Handmade Desk

Inspiration - Handmade Desk

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Name of Item: Live-Edged Executive Desk

Material: Desktop - Solid slab of live-edge claro walnut.
Finish: Nine coats of various oil based materials which were: Two coats of Danish Oil; Four coats of Maloof Finish (Danish oil, linseed oil and polyurethane Finish); Three coats of Danish / wax finish.
Approximate dimensions: 7 feet long, 2 feet wide (28” at its widest section), 29.25 inches tall.
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Artisan: Lupe Nielsen

Description: It was a lot of fun to build this desk. What makes it particularly special is the huge 10 foot slab of Claro Walnut that was used for the top. This piece of hardwood was gorgeous! The show side had a gorgeous burl, and intricate patterns, and this is the side that we selected to display on the right section of the desk. The slab had straight grain on the other side, which lent itself to be bent in a 90 degree angle which preserved the continuity of the grain pattern. This is called a “waterfall” technique.

Because it is a live-edge piece of raw wood, the material was carefully planed and sanded for many hours, and stabilized with epoxy adhesives. Brass fillings were even used as a decorative element to enhance the wood and add to the character.

The rest of the cabinetry compliments the desktop perfectly. The rightmost leg is of a Maloof inspired design. The drawer section is curved on the back to follow the contour of the slab from that side. The drawers are made out of solid wood (including the handles), and are all dovetailed. The pencil drawers in the center are angle-dovetailed. This angles them slightly inwards to enhance the beauty of the table top slab, without calling much attention to themselves.

Because this is such a large piece, it is very difficult to photograph. You are welcome to visit us to touch, feel and see the table in person. It is gorgeous! It is also a very, very heavy piece of furniture, which would be too costly to freight. We recommend that whoever buys it, that we arrange ways for it to be picked up. This item is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Important note: Remember that wood is a very organic, and it is a living and breathing material created by nature. Wood has natural imperfections that add to its charm. Wood might have worm holes, sap, small knots, etc. We will do our best to select the highest quality materials (mostly domestic) that are available to us, and promise to transform them into a work of art and beauty for you. This particular desk celebrates this natural beauty of the wood. Stabilized, burls, cracks and holes are part of live-edged woodwork. We know you will be delighted with the details.

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