We offer walnut firewood for delivery (or pickup) throughout Northern California.
Call for pricing, (530) 527-7317.


Here at CPSW we have a variety of mills that allow us the capability of milling logs both large and small. We provide custom cut slabs and lumber to our customers per request, regardless of wood type. Choose from our extensive selection of specialty woods or bring us your own.
Our milling rate is as follows:
-Plus cost of blades if we hit metal or rocks embedded in the wood.


A large majority of our wood is sourced from the walnut orchards of Central and Northern California. We work with land and orchard owners to create win-win situations when it comes time to replant or remove trees. We handle everything from the excavation to the cleanup, making the process as quick and smooth as possible. We have been excavating orchards for over twenty years and understand the expectations of the industry. If you would like to learn more about our excavation services or have an orchard you would like us to look at please feel free to contact us, (530) 527-7317.