Live Edge Trend

Live Edge Trend


In a world that is quickly becoming digital and mass produced, there is a trend growing that emphasizes natural beauty and uniqueness.

Furniture for the longest time was built and shaped to be symmetrical, with refined edges and smooth flowing grain.  Lately however, the beauty of imperfection has been highlighted through the work of artisans and woodworkers creating live edge furniture and art.  Live edge slabs are not cheap, and require much equipment and skill to create, but the end results are stunning.  There is a certain creative element that only nature itself can produce, which stands alone in our technological and particle board world.  When the ever flowing and highly figured grain of Black Walnut, or the timeless color and size of Redwood are preserved as the center piece of any estate, it becomes clear why this trend is growing to such prominence.  When you add in the creativity and sweat equity that artists put into each piece, the value of live edge furniture and art becomes clear, adding to its legacy.  At CPSW, “wood is what we do”, and we love to see the beautiful art and furniture made from the wood we harvest.  Sometimes, when harvesting is not enough, we ourselves even love to create.

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