Here at California Pacific Specialty Woods, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and painless buying experiences. Our team works together to fulfill every order, and to ensure the quality of our products remain top of their class.

Philup Powers


Philup Powers, owner of California Pacific Specialty Woods, has spent nearly his entire life working in the wood industry. His father started the business of orchard removal and burl harvesting when Philup was a young boy, which eventually became a partnership between the two when his father became ill. In 2010, Philup renamed the company California Pacific Specialty Woods and expanded the business by opening the CPSW mill. When not working, Philup enjoys spending time with his family and friends, swimming with his son and dreaming of how to grow the company.

Kimberly Powers

Office Manager

Kimberly Powers, wife of Philup Powers, received her BA in ancient history and a Masters in education, before becoming a teacher for many years. In 2010, she and Philup were married, and though still teaching full time, became a support to Philup and his business. In 2014, after the birth of their son, Kimberly began overseeing company operations, allowing Philup to focus more of his time out in the orchards. When Kimberly is not working, she loves to cook for others, work on her crafts and plan parties!

Peter Powers

Marketing Manager

Formerly the publisher and editor of Positive Perspective Magazine, Peter brings his experience and knowledge of strategic marketing, design and public relations to California Pacific Specialty Woods. When Peter is not working at CPSW, he is either helping with a community project or enjoying his time with his wife and son. He can be reached at peter@cpswoods.com.

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